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Oral hygiene is very essential for a client’s health. Usually, older clients can’t take care of their oral health. In this case, it is important for the caregiver to properly check the mouth and give effective care. Maintaining the oral hygiene of the client is very essential in order to maintain the overall health of the client. Usually, any abnormality in the mouth causes difficulty in ingestion of the food and may cause nutrition definitely.

 A clean mouth and teeth prevent mouth disorders, infections, and the growth of bacteria plaques.

Maintaining the oral hygiene of the client is important for ongoing safety, comfort, and self-esteem. Proper examination of the mouth to identify the abnormality and cleaning the teeth, prevent issues related to oral cavity and pain.

  • A broken tooth can cause difficulty in swelling.
  • Having clean teeth increase the self-esteem of your clients and help them to take all steps to stay healthy.
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